‘ArtBook, the Platform’ is an online platform dedicated to connecting artists, curators, galleries, institutes and art lovers/collectors with each other to facilitate enhanced communication, collaboration and development of opportunities.

ArtBook, the platform will connect artists, curators, galleries and institutes together and bring them all closer to art lovers. This platform will provide an intuitive way to share ideas and to work on joint projects. It will enhance communication and collaboration among various key players in the art world and will simultaneously create better opportunities for all users. Art lovers will have an opportunity to choose art from huge pool of artists, in order to browse and appreciate the artist’s work and even buy the work that they fall in love with.

The platform is designed to be fully inclusive, and therefore supports Hobby Artists as well as Professional Artists.

The company is originally known as ‘ArtBook, the Platform’, is based in Karlsruhe, Germany and was founded by Anuradha Misal.

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